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Attracting and supporting the next generation of talent is a vital part of MCGPA's mission. We believe the Scholarship Program is one of our chapter's most important and most visible means of supporting the midstream industry. Each fundraising event we plan and hold is aimed at collecting funds to give back to our scholarship program. Therefore, your participation in our local MCGPA events, along with directed corporate sponsorships/donations are essential to our program's success!

GPSA Midstream Suppliers Association matches up to $5,000 of MCGPA's contribution. Thanks to our corporate sponsors and fundraising events, we are able to give out thousands of dollars each year to future midstream professionals. Over the years, MCGPA has granted more than $200,000 and assisted numerous students at local universities in their academic efforts.

FUNDING...Who it comes from & Where it goes

We believe the Scholarship Program is truly one of our chapter’s most important and most visible means of encouraging and attracting bright, industrious young technical talent to our local gas processing industry. Funding each scholarship is made possible by corporate sponsorships, fundraisers such as our annual golf tournaments & sporting clays events, and directed donations by member companies and individuals.

The Scholarship program is aimed at contributing to juniors and seniors enrolled in engineering programs at our regional universities. MCGPA is dedicated to establishing relationships with university engineering departments and developing long-standing strategic partnerships with those institutions similar to what it has created with the Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology (OSUIT).

Learn more about the MCGPA Midstream Sponsorship Program and the schools that receive this funding, or find out how to become a recipient school in an upcoming year on the Recipients & Partnerships page. 



Companies or Individuals can support our scholarship program efforts by becoming a Scholarship Sponsor TODAY!  To take part in this annual drive to continue academic support for our industry, just select the level of desired Sponsorship and submit payment online securely and easily! 

We sincerely appreciate your consideration and contribution to the MidContinent GPA, and more specifically the MCGPA Scholarship Program! Our hope is that through our continued efforts/events, and support from people like you, we can continue to attract young minds and ensure the positive growth of our local Midstream Industry.